3 males & 4 females

Amal meaning Hope

Caravan Calando
el  Zorro
2 x CAC
Arab Bahari's
Caliph Yasir
Arab Bahari's
Bahyr Shundar
Arab Bahari's Shaahin Taali'
Sur-Ra Onor Zifi-Tani
Arab Bahari's
Shaadin Tahliiq
Al Caliph's Madaan
Arab Bahari's Lala Latifah
Diva's Touch Chiraz Dennis
Diva's Touch Asabina
Caravan Qatiifah
Bint Jabiya
Asayaad Jiruwan al Caravan
Caravan Jabiya el Shammar
Caravan Bariza Badiiah
Bint Bahiim
Caravan Usturah Bahiim
Asarafi Juan Jagannath
Asarafi Don Juan
Asarafi Gariib Asheegah
Caravan Pan The Egyptian Princess Al-Yaman Malak
al Caravan
Sharqiy Shaman Labiqa
Afking's Isis al Caravan CH
Afking's Isfarah Apollo
Baghdad Jetsetter
Afking's Naoimi
Afking's Sharara Afking's Mustafa
Afking's Sweet Delilah



NUCH Qatiifah Amal Amar - Amar meaning Moon
9 weeks, black & creme male - "Caleb"
Owner; H. Zissis, Norway


Qatiifah Amal Amir - Amir meaning Prince
10 weeks and 3 years, grizzle male - "Ezra" now "Zober"
Owner; K. Börjesson, Sweden


Qatiifah Amal Azeez - Azeez meaning Dear to someone
10 weeks, grizzle male - "Toby"
Owner; U. B. Velasco, Spain


Qatiifah Amal Aleeyah - Aleeyah meaning Superior
10 weeks, black & tan female - "Spencer" now "Lotta"
Sadly died due to a running accident in September 2019, 4,5 years old
Owner; A. Karlsen, Norway


Qatiifah Amal Azeezah - Azeezah meaning Dear to someone
10 weeks, black & tan female - "Aria" now "Neffi"
Owner; M. K. Sutton, Norway


Qatiifah Amal Ameenah - Ameenah meaning Trustworthy friend
8 weeks, grizzle female - "Emily" now "Maja"
Owner; K. Shutt, Sweden
Was sadly euthanized by her owner for unknown reason at the age of 3,5 years


NORD CH, NLCCH, SELCCH Qatiifah Amal Amirah - Amirah meaning Princess
2 years,
tricolor female - "Hanna"
Owner; Linn Mari Sørgård, Qatiifah Salukis


We are very proud of Qatiifah Salukis first litter!

This breeding is a combination of two of our favorite salukis, Caravan Pan The Egyptian Princess «Blackie» and Caravan Qatiifah Bint Jabiya «Teefah». They were both great brood bitches for Caravan Salukis, both have show champion offspring and both have offspring that have excelled on the Lure Coursing field. They were both very special to us.

«Blackie»'s son Caravan Ustura Bahiim «Bahiim» is both Norwegian and Danish Show Champion and has both Norwegian and Swedish Lure Coursing CAC's and Swedish Lure Coursing CACIL. He turns 11 years old this May (2015), and he is still going strong! The last couple of years he has won several BIS-veteran.

«Teefah»'s daugther Caravan Wathaarah «Tara» is only one CAC away from her Norwegian Show Champion title, and she has both Norwegian and Swedish Lure Coursing CAC's along with her International Lure Coursing Champion title. She's retired from show and coursing now, and lives a happy senior life with her owner. She will turn 10 years this June (2015).

«Bahiim»'s daughter and «Tara»'s son are now parents to the first Qatiifah litter!

Along with the Caravan bloodlines, we are combining the old English bloodlines of «Pepper» (Arab-Bahari – Al Caliph – Windswift) with the old Canadian/USA bloodlines of «Dille» (Afking – Jen Araby). We are hoping for puppies of a nice old Saluki type for both show and coursing, and if they live up to be like their parents, they will be the best companions imaginable.


All pictures Copyright Linn Mari Sørgård, Bente Waldal and owners