Bente Waldal
Åsleia 489
2080 Eidsvoll

Phone: +47 47901982
Linn Mari Dyrseth
Fuglefjellveien 395
2165 Hvam
Phone: +47 91825265


About Qatiifah Salukis

Our lifes with Salukis started by coincidence.
In 2003/2004, our main interest was horses, and we both started to work in Lotta and Jack's stable. There we got to know each other, and the Saluki! By the time we left, both of us had to bring home a Saluki, the littermates Xavier and Xanthia born in 2005. We stayed in touch, started Lure Coursing training with our Salukis toghether, and eventually more Salukis moved in together with both of us. The idea of starting breeding Salukis together started to grow, but the idea was also a bit frightening. A lot of responsibility and hard work! When Lotta asked if we wanted to join in her kennel, Caravan, we finally decide and said yes. We joined Caravan salukis in 2012 and breed one litter, Caravan D2-litter in August 2012. Spring 2013 Lotta had to move her kennel to Spain, and we couldn't continue as co-breeders, living in a different country. We applied for our own kennel name, and in August 2013 our name Qatiifah was finally approved. We will continue our breeding in "the Caravan spirit", just with a new name.

Caravan Qatiifah Bint Jabiya was one of the first Salukis to melt our hearts.
"Teefah" lived with Lotta in Aurskog when we worked there, and she really was something special!
She is the grandmother of our "Ella", great grandmother of our "Hanna",
and in honor of her contribution to our love for the Saluki,
we decided to name our kennel after her.

Bente & Linn


Ella - Kishuf - Darcy - Ziri - Hanna - Cailie - Zibiah
September 2019


Kishuf  - Tia - Dille - Darcy - Isis - Zibiah - Ella - Hanna - Pepper
December 2015