4 males & 4 females

Bati meaning Stong/Powerful/Whole/Entire

Midbar Kishuf
Midbar Osef m'Leila Midbar Or M'Bustan
Ha Galil
Midbar Ofir M'archives Azal
Midbar Tzyedit Klelah Tabriz
El Baz Leila El Baz Cairo
Bani Dawsari's Samira
Midbar K'Tifah
Midbar Or M'Bustan
Ha Galil
Midbar Ofir M'archives Azal
Midbar Tzyedit Klelah Tabriz
Midbar Kesem Calanit CH
Odi et Amo Balthasar Elessar JC
Midbar Hafthaah Nadira Tabriz
Caravan Dhuu
Caravan Yaz Yaman CH
Dawidan's az Rubah
Arkadasch Erkan
Pary von Iransamin
Caravan Pan The Egyptian Princess Al-Yaman Malak al Caravan
Sharqiy Shaman Labiqa
Caravan Xanthia
Caravan Qasaam Ibn Shan
Asayaad Jiruwan al Caravan
Caravan Jabiya el Shammar
Caravan Old Fashioned Candy
Al-Yaman Malak al Caravan
Caravan Jabiya el Shammar


Qatiifah Bati Bakkir Bono - Bakkir meaning Early
8 weeks and 2 years, black & tan male - "Bono"
2 x Norwegian Show CACs
Owner; R Rudningen & S Svanheim, Norway


Qatiifah Bati Baahit - Baahit meaning Pale/Faded color
2 years, golden male - "Neville" now "Nes"
Owner; Gail D. Goodman, USA


Qatiifah Bati Bahi - Bahi meaning Vivid
2 years, golden male - "Harry" now "Habibi"
Owner; Gail D. Goodman, USA


Qatiifah Bati Barrani - Barrani meaning Outsider
1 year and 2 years, red grizzle - "Ron" now "Lucas"
1 x Norwegian Show CAC
Owner; H. Zissis, Norway


N UCH Qatiifah Bati Bikrah - Bikrah meaning First born
1 year and 2 years, red grizzle female - "Hermione" now "Nia"
Owner; Sigbjørn Stavrum & Odd Nilsen, Norway


Qatiifah Bati Basaalah - Basaalah meaning Bravery/Courage
8 weeks, red fawn female - "Ginny"
Owner; A. Karlsen, Norway


Qatiifah Bati Baseetah - Baseetah meaning Quiet/Laid back
1 year, red grizzle female - "Luna" now "Aqeelah"
Owner; fam Wibstad, Norway


Qatiifah Bati Bahieh - Bahieh meaning Shining/Beautiful
2 years and 10 weeks, black & tan female - "Lily"
Owner; Anne Mette F. Thorsberg & Bente Waldal, Qatiifah Salukis


We are very proud to announce Qatiifah Salukis B litter!

«Kishuf»'s mother Midbar K'tifah B'Shemesh «Tiffy» turned 11 years old October 2016, and is still enjoying the regular hunt together with Kishuf's brothers in New Mexico.
«Kishuf»'s father Midbar Osef m'Leila turns 8 years this April, and he has the same sweet loving temper as his son. He greeted us with hugs and kisses from the moment we came through the door when we visited.
«Kishuf»'s grandfather Midbar Or M'Bustan Ha Galil is soon to be 13 years old and is still going strong!
«Kishuf»'s brothers has done well both in the show ring and in open field coursing in the US. Midbar Kishuf Matmon, Midbar Kishuf Zeev and Midbar Kishuf Ashan have all completed both their Coursing Championship/CC title and Courser of Merit/CM title.

«Darcy»'s mother Caravan Xanthia «Tia» has both a Norwegian and a Swedish show CAC, and she became Best Of Breed at the Swedish Sighthound Specialty in Ljungbyhed in 2011 under breeder judge Carole Tipler, Al-Yaman Salukis. She lives a happy senior life now, just as trifling as ever. She will turn 12 years this June.
 «Darcy»'s father Caravan Yaz Yaman will be 11 years old in May. He did well on the Lure Coursing field back in the days, and has one Lure Coursing CAC.


For me, the only reason to breed a Saluki litter is to create something unique. We all love our Salukis but for the future of the breed, we are the custodians of an ancient gene pool that must be preserved in all its diversity. This is our only hope to maintain good health and the wide range of type we received in our foundation stock.

This Qatiifah litter is a genetic treasure. In the pedigree are threads from Bedouin and other eastern lines now gone from the regions of origin. The pedigree is a harmonious weaving of southern desert imports blended with English lines, particularly the Knightellington of Helen Baker. This includes the Rualla imports from Syria, the Windswifts from Saudi and Kuwait. Then, with Mike Ratcliffe's import, Shamsa, another Saudi thread. Behind the AlYaman, via Rabia, is the Saudi import Taviton Rumli Sagars; the only thread for this Bedouin hound ever recorded.

Behind Midbar is early American based on Diamond Hill with imports from Amherstia, as well as the Kurdish via Saudi import to Pine Paddocks. The 100% Bedouin descent imports from Israel were blended with Knightellington and additional Saudi lines from Bani Dawsari and El Baz. A completely unique American blended bloodline.

The Qatiifah pedigree also includes a genetic thread of Iranian breeding and a thread of Turkish breeding.

All of the imports blended into this unusual pedigree predate the enormous changes that have occurred in the Middle East, Turkey, and Iran with the flood of western dogs of all breeds into those regions and the emphasis on breeding for racing.

The Qatiifah litter will be like turning the genetic breed clock back to the foundation years when the Hon. Florence Amherst was building her Amherstia line. The desert concentration in the pedigree is "tilted" south and every thread of the pedigree preserves a unique Bedouin-Eastern gene pool. It's like a magic carpet ride backwards through history.....such a treasure.....such a genetic adventure.


Gail Goodman, Midbar Salukis


All pictures Copyright Linn Mari Sørgård, Bente Waldal and owners